Duchess Cosmopolitan, Coupe Beverages Founder Olivia Lovenmark


In June of 2019, I was on a flight home from New York thinking that a cosmo would be great, and too bad they don’t serve those on flights. “Someone should bottle cosmopolitans,” I thought. So I did. Coupe Beverages Corporation was soon created and Duchess Cosmo launched in November 2020.

We’re a Vancouver-based company that began when I realized there was a gap in the market for something better — something delicious and stylish. Pink doesn’t have to be sweet, and Duchess Cosmo isn’t. This is our take on a classic cosmopolitan, lightly sparkling, with real ingredients, in a custom bottle.

Olivia Lovenmark, Founder


Duchess cocktails are a premium bottled cocktail, made in Vancouver with carbonated water, vodka, real juice, and natural orange flavour.

Enjoy your Duchess cocktail chilled, straight from the bottle, or poured over ice.

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